SmallSat Propulsion System Goes Green


SmallSat (small satellite) propulsion system, developed by ThermaSat, offers space missions an environmentally friendly solution to satellite propulsion.  Small satellites, also known as Smallsats, have been increasingly used for scientific research, Earth observation, communication, and other commercial missions. As the demand for Smallsats grows, so does the need for better propulsion systems that optimize efficiency; cost; environmental impact; sustainable, eco-friendly solutions.

SmallSat Solution:

ThermaSat’s smallsat propulsion system represents a breakthrough in green space technology that delivers high performance and low impact. One of the most significant advantages of the ThermaSat system is that it is more efficient and less wasteful…

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Orbital Maneuvers – Navigating Space


Orbital maneuvers is emerging  as a fundamental skill where satellites and spacecraft journey through the vastness of space.  The ability to execute precise orbital maneuvers is crucial for mission success, space exploration, and satellite operations.

ThermaSat’s advancements in propulsion systems and navigation techniques continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.


An orbital maneuver refers to a planned adjustment made to alter the trajectory, position, or velocity of a satellite or spacecraft in its orbit. These maneuvers are essential for a variety of purposes, including orbit changes, rendezvous and docking, debris avoidance, and attitude control. By executing these maneuvers with precision, scientists…

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Satellite Propulsion ThermaSat System – Revolutionizing Space Exploration

satellite propulsion

The satellite propulsion system, developed by ThermaSat, plays a crucial role in our ability to explore, communicate, and understand the universe, the vast expanse of space. This system is the lifeblood of satellites, enabling them to maneuver, maintain their orbits, and fulfill their missions. Let’s delve into the exciting advancements and the promising future of satellite propulsion systems.


Traditional chemical propulsion systems have been the workhorse of satellite propulsion for decades. However, advancements in technology have brought forth a new era of propulsion systems. Electric propulsion systems, particularly ion thrusters…

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ThermaSat Technology Receives Supplemental Funding – Phase II National Science Foundation Award

Howe Industries, the parent company of ThermaSat Inc, has received a roughly $200k Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships (TECP) award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to supplement its ongoing Phase II SBIR program.  This supplement to the nearly $1M Phase II award, commercializes the ThermaSat propulsion system through an industry partner.


ThermaSat was formed because of commercial interest in the ThermaSat propulsion system being developed by Howe Industries LLC under the Phase I and Phase II SBIR NSF award. We develop in-space mobility, focusing on “green” propellant and reusability…

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